Rope Up!

I was dumbfounded when I watched the mountaineering drama firsthand. The real-life video looked hair-raising from the start. I watched this on YouTube a couple weeks ago and the sight has never left me. There was an ice climber all outfitted with waterproof gear, crampons, ice axe, and helmet and the team above him was filming his ascent. Everything looked fine enough until suddenly one of his feet slipped. All I could see behind him was a rock drop off and a white void. It looked like hundreds of feet of sheer cliff beneath him and the ice under him looked slushy and unstable. I held my breath. Then the cameraman and his team yelled, “Can we throw you a rope?” After he grabbed their rope, clipped it to his harness, and then started climbing again, the entire ice sheet beneath him suddenly gave way. That rope was the only thing securing him from a dangerous fall. He only had that lifeline because he had joined a team at the last moment. In the comments below, other viewers were exclaiming, “I’ve done ice climbing and they nailed it. That’s the climbing code of ethics. You help a fellow climber when they need it!” I was inspired by the fact that in a moment’s notice, he had a team around him when things got dangerous.

          Friends, we’re all facing spiritual dangers in this chaotic world. We can’t afford to go it alone. Not only do Holistic Small Groups provide support when we need it most, but they also help provide healing from our wounds. God is our Healer make no mistake, but God often chooses a small group as the context where we find new strength. We also find new power to share the gospel too. I can honestly say that there’s no greater joy than to dive into gospel sharing with a team that you deeply trust. My challenge for you all today friends is “Let’s team up!”